Creating value for our suppliers, customers and distributors

ION has established itself as one of the top Manufacturers Representative firms in Latin America.

Successful engagements built from suppliers ranging from startups to billion dollar Semiconductor companies

About Us

The Electronic Industry’s rate of creating and delivering new technology is accelerating at a rapidly escalating rate. 

Many of today’s technologies are complicated and require significant customer assistance in order to  leverage their utility.  Success is dependent upon communications, knowledge and relationships. 

For more than 25 years, Ion Latin America has been on the front lines of identifying and  solving our customers’ problems by advocating our suppliers’ technology and by providing design assistance.  By creating value for our suppliers, customers and distributors, ION has established itself as one of the top Manufacturers Representative firms in Latin America.

Hiring and retaining great people is the key to providing our stakeholders great and valuable experiences. 

ION LATAM has assembled a dream team of skilled Account Managers, FAEs, and inside sales people.   We are the eyes and ears of our technology partners within our geographies.  Our proximity  to our customers, dramatically increases our ability to meet with and provide solutions to solve problems and enhance their products value.


Vertical markets

Representamos a las mejores líneas de componentes electrónicos para brindar soluciones a nuestros clientes.


LEDs, L2 LED modules, drivers, circuit protection, discrete led drivers, lighting relays, transformers, smart lighting-antennas, wireless modules and radios, light pipes


Sensors, antennas, short and long range wireless modules, disctete radios, touch encoders, wireless gateways

Data Center | Carrier

Optical transceivers, patch panels, dacs, mpo connectors, single board computers, rugged gateways and routers, wireless gateways

Industrial | Metering

Power-ad/dc, dcdc ics, sensors, batteries, connectors, switches , capacitors, transducers, speakers | Rogowski coils, analog front end, power-, wireless ,lcd screen, rtc battery


Auto LEDs, LED drivers, automotive grade power –inductors, relays, transformers,  capacitors

White Goods

Power-ac/dc, dcd/c, passives-inductors transformers, capacitors.

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